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  • $1 million of improved revenue through implementing cost controls and project tracking with precedent networks
  • $7.7 million reduction in variable and fixed costs representing a 330% increase in gross operating profit
  • $15 million in savings on variable and fixed costs during an economic downturn, representing a 28% reduction in maintenance costs and a 13% reduction in production costs
  • $13 million first-year profitability improvement with 16% productivity gains
  • >4% production growth year on year, setting plant records
  • 50% reduction in dust emissions
  • 17% reduction in lost-time accident rate

“He was instrumental in creating a working relationship with the Finance department that, together with his reorganization of the operations department and implementation of systems and processes, reduced waste and improved the cost structure, delivering positive results to the bottom line during the recession.” – Glenn Dalrymple, retired Sr. VP & CFO

“I worked with Derek in very challenging environments and observed keen leadership and operational skills. In very short order he improved the operational reliability at an aged cement plant and developed new behavioral standards at the facility.” – Tony Sneska, Sr.VP Sales & Marketing

“I recommend Derek as a change agent. Derek took over control of a technical department at the time of crisis and through cost management, operational efficiency, and customer focus, was able to weather the storm.  In turn, he then moved the technical organization in a new direction as the market rebounded and capacity demands grew.” – Craig Becker, Director of Labor Relations


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