The use of laser alignment as a tool for maintenance and reliability professionals is rising in popularity. While laser alignment can be more efficient and precise than dial indicator alignments, it does have limitations that should be considered. Let’s look at some of the advantages and limitations of using laser alignment for your organization.

Advantages of Laser Alignment
The primary advantage of using laser alignment is its accuracy. When compared to traditional methods like dial indicators, lasers are incredibly precise, with tolerance levels as low as 0.001 mm (0.00004 inches). This makes them ideal for maintaining tight tolerances on pumps, fans, turbines, and other rotating machinery components. Additionally, lasers are easy to set up and faster to use than dial indicators—which means you will get results in less time.

Traditional dial indicator analysis is comprised of a trial-and-error process that is often time- and labor-intensive, requiring repeated shaft or equipment adjustments. Laser analysis allows you to quickly identify misalignments without having to remove parts or make extensive changes to the machine layout. Finally, because they are so accurate and fast to use, lasers can help you detect small issues before they become big problems—saving you time and money.

Limitations of Laser Alignment
The primary limitations of laser alignment are training and price. Purchasing and training for a laser alignment system can be cost-prohibitive if alignment analysis is not something your plant needs regularly. That is why using a laser alignment service like Anfield Industrial Solutions is a great option. Our engineer will come to your plant and quickly verify whether your shafts are in alignment. We will leave you with a report that you can use to accurately handle the alignment on your own, or you can have our skilled techs perform the alignment for you.

Your plant can benefit from laser alignment without having to purchase a system that only gets used occasionally and may not have trained technicians to operate. Anfield Industrial Solution’s certified laser professional is available to reduce your risk of equipment damage or failure with a quick and affordable analysis and report.